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A place where women can unite, evolve, and grow. Join us on our Private Mighty Network

About Us

Empress Evolution is a global sisterhood established in October 2019, with the goal of uniting, healing, and supporting women around the world.

Our founder, Amelia Love, was divinely guided to create this community. She is still actively involved in the day-to-day operations, along with our vice president, Jessamyn, and a team of coordinators.

Through our podcast, life group meditations, and sharing meaningful content, our goal is to see sisterhood rise to its full power and for our community to shine as a leading light in the journey to the New Earth we are currently manifesting.

Join us!

Code of Conduct for Empress Evolution

Listen from the heart 🙌

Respect one another ✨

Speak your truth ❤️

1.       Each member is responsible for reading, understanding, and adhering to the Empress Evolution Code of Conduct (COC). Please note that updates may be added without notification. If you have any questions or concerns about the COC or any updates to it, please contact your local coordinator. When you join EE as a member, connect with EE on community platforms such as Mighty Networks, and/or participate in any EE sponsored events, these actions indicate your concurrence with the Empress Evolution COC and your commitment to abide by the guidelines outlined herein.

2.       We encourage members to invite others to join Empress Evolution. To join EE, please have prospective members visit https://www.empressevolution.com, click on the Empress Evolution Mighty Network logo, and complete the requested information to join. 

3.       Only authorized Empress Evolution moderators may establish EE groups online or on social media. No person shall use EE contact information to create or co-opt the EE group for a different purpose, such as creating a separate non-EE group (including separate social media groups, etc.)

4.       Members who wish to host local EE meetings must do so with permission and guidance from their EE trained Moderator or Vice President.

5.       Respectful and spirited debate can be resourceful when done within healthy boundaries. However, if said debate devolves into an argument or disruptive behavior, this may result in member(s) being removed from the group and potentially from EE altogether. The Vice President's decision in this regard will be final.

6.       Practice kindness by treating other EE members as you would like to be treated. As a part of this, please avoid posting third-hand comments, gossip, or attacks on one another. You are encouraged to share your personal ideas and strategies, however, please do not offer unsolicited advice, which is seldom appreciated.

7.       Please do not intimidate or threaten other members. Such behavior will be considered disruptive and may be cause for immediate termination of your EE membership. If a member ever feels threatened, he/she must immediately report this to the Moderator or Vice President.

8.       Part of the EE experience is making friends with fellow EE members. Please note that the exchange of personal information is solely at the option of each member and doing so is at your own risk/reward.

9.       No member of EE should seek to impress others that he/she is somehow more spiritually advanced than other members. All members questions, ideas, and expertise are valued and appreciated, regardless of tenure of membership, spiritual training or any other factor.

10.   When posting on social media or networking platforms such as Mighty Networks, please be mindful of EE’s growing worldwide membership and the overall volume of posts. Posting consecutively and too frequently clogs up the feed and makes it time consuming for other members to navigate. Therefore, please do not post more than 10 – 15 times per day, not to exceed 400 posts per month. Note that these guidelines are for new posts only; members may send as many responses and private chats as desired.

11.   Comments, opinions, and videos posted on EE platforms such as Mighty Networks do not necessarily represent the views of Empress Evolution, nor that of the owners or organizers of the group.  All written comments and videos posted are subject to EE's Code of Conduct guidelines.

12.   No offensive sexist, racist or gender comments are permitted. Posting images or written stories of abuse, including disturbing or excessively graphic images, satanic worship or violence is prohibited. Decisions about what constitutes offensive material rests with the Empress Evolution Moderator and Vice President, who has the right to terminate a thread, chat, channel or individual membership.

13.   To avoid becoming a marketplace, members may not self-promote or advertise for financial remuneration on EE platforms. However, members on occasion may refer to their personal websites.

14.   No individual or group of individuals should attempt to practice magic of any kind without the express advance permission by the Empress Evolution Moderator or Vice President . To illustrate, it is acceptable to start a meeting with a spiritual protection prayer or meditation, however, invoking spirits is strictly prohibited.

15.   Under no circumstances may any material be introduced, or shared, that carries a negative energy connection. EE reserves the right to ban anyone who is satanic or who willfully wishes to harm others and/or seeks to be a disruptive influence.

16.   If any member feels that these rules have been broken, he/she must contact the Moderator or Vice President immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to review the Empress Evolution Code of Conduct. By honoring these guidelines, we collectively create safe and sacred environments for members to connect and interact that are in alignment with our values of kindness, truth and respect.

Why You Should Join Us

Our goal is to see global sisterhood rise to its full power and for our community to be a leading light in the journey to the New Earth we are currently manifesting. 

We are committed to creating a world of love, peace, knowledge, and healthy evolution both spiritually and physically. 

Private community free from censorship by big tech and corporate interests. 

This platform does not use algorithms, all posts are visable to members in the order they were posted. 

A Big Thanks

To Amelia Love for pioneering this community and building it from the ground up. We love you!

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